Coastal Culture Trail

The Coastal Culture Trail is a kick-off project in the SpaCeParti living lab with the towns of Stein and Wendtorf, located on the Kiel Fjord. It is currently being implemented and is expected to be completed in spring 2024.

Stakeholders from the fields of tourism, nature conservation and environmental protection, local politics, museum education, coastal fishing and research are participating in this project. Common goals are
(i) to network local stakeholders with others from the greater Kiel area,
(ii) to implement knowledge transfer through participation and
(iii) to bring together local expert knowledge in order to make it accessible to the public as an educational project.

This knowledge is printed in A3 format on boards on which QR codes are used to interactively experience digital content. The project is supported by the Smart Kiel Region in order to make local expert knowledge available digitally.

Communication, Applications
Fishery, science, politics, stakeholders
Fishermen Stein-Wendtorf, Touristik Büro Stein, NABU Wendtorf, Tatort Hawaii (Beach Club), Municipalities Stein und Wendtorf, Smarte Kiel Region