Sea Ranger add on education for a sustainable future small-scale fishery

Coastal fisheries in the western Baltic Sea are under enormous pressure from changes in climate, biodiversity and socio-economic sectors.
Risks for the preservation of coastal fishing as a cultural form are
(i) the ageing of fishermen,
(ii) the lack of new trainees and
(iii) the threatening loss of knowledge about the fishing craft and necessary experience about ecological interrelations in local fishing regions.

In order to adapt coastal fishing to these changes, this pilot project will adapt the occupational profile of fishermen and fisherwomen to current conditions. The aim is to obtain (partial) state funding for coastal fisheries to take on tasks in the areas of research, public relations, education, nature conservation and environmental protection. The concept was developed with the Wismar Bay eG fishery cooperative in a SpaCeParti living lab and has been implemented in practice since 16.10.2023 with the additional training Sea Ranger and accompanied scientifically by SpaCeParti.

Fishery, science, politics, stakeholders
FG Wismarbucht eG
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Sea Ranger © O.Greve/FG Wismarbucht eG