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Semi-automated Sampling Device @MPI Bremen

Environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling represents a non-invasive approach for gaining insights into the presence of organisms, spanning from bacteria to vertebrates. This technique has witnessed a surge in popularity as a monitoring tool in aquatic environments in recent years. Ensuring the comparability of eDNA results across various studies is essential, which is why we developed a new semi-automated sampling device, dubbed the "coffee machine."

Our aim in creating this device was to standardize the eDNA sampling process, making it accessible to everyone without the need for specialized training. Just like preparing a cup of coffee, the "coffee machine" simplifies sampling, ensuring consistently high sample quality. Furthermore, it streamlines the process, freeing up the operator's time to engage in parallel experiments.

To date, our semi-automated sampling device has undergone rigorous testing in both laboratory and field settings, and it has been an integral part of several research expeditions across the North and Baltic Sea, for example with our sister project CONMAR. Our next objective is to make this user-friendly tool available to a broader audience in and beyond academia, enabling them to access eDNA acquisition as efficiently as we have in the past year.