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Publications by sustainMare

The sustainMare projects develop diverse advice for the protection and sustainable use of the seas. The results of our research are discussed scientifically through publications in dedicated journals. In addition, transdisciplinary research requires varied exchange between different actors in science, politics and society. Therefore, the research results are also reflected in press releases, talks and posters for scientists as well as for the general public. This allows for the best possible access to scientific know-how.

Press releases

Tides reduce the impact of wind turbines, 10.10.2022



Study shows correlation between tides and strength of current changes caused by offshore wind turbines in the North Sea.
Press release from the Helmholtz-Center Hereon (in German)

Wadden Sea Day, 25.08.2022

Hereon / K. Hoppe

“Who eats whom” and what consequences does this knowledge have for the management of the Wadden Sea World Heritage. This question was in the centre of this year’s Wadden Sea Day, held on 25.08.2022 in Wilhelmshaven.
Press release from the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat

The future of oceans, 24.03.2022


The German Marine Research Alliance (DAM) provided an insight into its activities at a parliamentary evening in Kiel to members of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament as well as representatives of ministries and state companies, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.
Press release from the German Marine Alliance

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Publications and articles

Current publications and articles


The multifacted picture of transdisciplinarity in marine reseach
(Taylor & Francis; C. Grünhagen, H. Schwermer, C. Wagner-Ahlfs, R. Voss, F. Gross, M-C. Riekhof)
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Caught in the middle: bottom-up and top-down processes impacting recruitment in a small pelagic fish.
(Rev Fish Biol Fisheries; M. Moyano, B. Illing, A. Akimova , K. Alter, V. Bartolino , G. Börner et al.)
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Making the UN Ocean Decade work? The potential for, and challenges of, transdisciplinary research and real-world laboratories for building towards ocean solutions.
(People and Nature 5: Andrea Franke, Kimberley Peters, Jochen Hinkel, Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Achim Schlüter, Oliver Zielinski, Karen H. Wiltshire, Ute Jacob, Gesche Krause, Helmut Hillebrand)
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Posters und talks

10.07.2022 - 15.07.2022

Predicting potential impacts on harbour seals from anthropogenic noise: towards an understanding of population consequences of disturbance.
(Berlin, Germany; 6th International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life; T. Schaffeld, A. Van Neer, D. Nachtsheim, G.F. Schnitzler, K. Lucke, A. Gilles, U. Siebert)


A smelt IBM to analyse the recruitment success in a changing environment of the Elbe Estuary.
(Bremerhaven, Germany; Smelt-Workshop 2022; D. Drewes, U. Daewel, C. Schrum)


Introduction to sustainMare
(CDRmare Seminar series; C. Schrum)

9.11.2022 - 11.11.2022

Distribution, Impact and current state of research on munition in the German Baltic Sea.
(Hamburg, Germany; Vortrag beim KüNO Scientific Meeting; A. Beck, M. Brenner, T. Frey, U. Graewe, J. Hinkel, S. Kosleck, I. Kröncke A. Künitzer, E. Maser, J. Scharsack, J. Strehse, D. Henkel & J. Greinert)


Assessment of Ecosystem Services across the Land-Sea Interface: Approach and Applications along the German Coast.
(Heraklion, Greece; Vortrag bei der 4th ESP Europe Conference; J. Schumacher, S. Lange, F. Müller, G. Schernewski)

Further Talks